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Julian Della Mattia

18th May

Tuesday 7pm (CET)


Moataz Gouda





Share Care Design is the virtual meetup for inspiring talks and discussions.

Dear designer,
happy to see you here.

SCD is the meetup where you can actively take part in design discussions. Present your ideas, your process, what you care for.

Provide valuable feedback to others or receive it. Have a friendly talk with design peers, or just listen. 

The meetup format covers two talks each up to 15 min. After that follow QA and feedback session. In the end, a summary of what was discussed and valuable insights will be collected and available in the Slack channel group.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!



Julian Della Mattia

UX Researcher at Glovo &

Workshopper at the180

Why workshopping can change your team, your organization and your career

Problems that never get fully solved? Projects that go on forever? Tired of having the meeting of the meeting of the meeting? Finding it very hard to align groups, teams or departments altogether? This talk will show you why workshopping is something every organization needs and why they are the key to unlock productivity at a whole new level.

This talk is perfect for:

UX/UI Designers

• Product managers

• UX Researchers

• People in Tech

Moataz Gouda

Ex Head of Product Movinga /

Lead Technical PO Vivy

The psychology and politics behind stakeholder management in an organization

A big part of being a Product Owner is identifying and categorizing your stakeholders.

Have you ever felt, although you are following all the best practices for stakeholder and project management, that certain projects always tend to get blocked when a certain stakeholder is involved?

Had the thought of “Oh Sh!t..not another meeting with Z”?. Frustrated from the endless back and forth meetings without a clear path?

This talk goes deeper into not only identifying stakeholders but also revealing the different stakeholder personalities and how to use psychology and politics to hopefully make your life easier.

This talk is perfect for:

• UI/UX Designers

• Anyone in tech

• Product managers



Why join?

Time to meet, be active, share your ideas.

Since Corona came we no longer have time for these special conversations outside our work projects. How we meet up, network and discuss what matters also changed.

Share Care Design is here to keep the conversations going and meet other professionals online.

• Meetup with people like you
• Be active in the community
• Provide valuable feedback to colleagues
• Share what matters and get immediate response

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